A Second Life for a Bike

When you have your own junkyard, you become known in the neighborhood for repair and restoration. Many people come seeking rare parts to bring a car or bicycle back to life. When you turn an item that has seen better days into an almost-new object, you feel a great deal of personal pride. Most anything can be refurbished if you have the right components. Recently that meant applying some bike chain lube to help a friend bring new life and luster to his old bike. Getting it into working shape again was a simple task. Sometimes it means going on line to find missing parts of a different nature. You would be simply amazed at what can be acquired on eBay. I usually have something that would work, but if not, it takes a few days to get it. Come to me for all your repurposing needs. I am here to improvise.

I like to improvise and repurpose parts in new ways. I started the junkyard years ago with cast off parts from old cars and bikes that no longer had a purpose. As more people came in search of something specific from the inventory, the contents of the yard grew. You take something away, you leave something behind. I like the idea that I am participating in recycling in my own way. It brings me joy to bring a second life to a car or bike. I am the ultimate Mister Fixit. There are worse titles to bear.

To make it easier for searchers, I have organized the junkyard by category of item. Car parts go here; bicycle part go there. People make a beeline for what they need and start poking around. I know where most everything is so I can find something in a jiffy. Just stand back and let me do my work. It takes minutes to find that perfect old part. You might see this as working with a lot of metal bric-a-brac, but I see it as creativity in the making. Each part has a story to tell. I love to guess where the part has been and who owned the vehicle that contained it.

A junkyard is a great big repository of stuff. You never should underestimate something’s usage. If you have been around a lot of cars and bikes, you can guess in about ten seconds what you have in your hand. If I have to do a little research, so much the better. It is part of the mental nature of the process. It is interesting how many people want to remake something like a bike rather than buying a new one. I think it is more than the cost. It is fun to see how far you can go. Let’s say someone gives you a frame and it turns out to be a valuable antique one. Now is the time to get down to business filling in the parts. It is an adventure all its own.