As Close as I’ll Get to my Dream Car?

It will be summer eventually and I am already daydreaming about the beach. I usually daydream about my dream car and you can bet that it is a super-hot racer in a bright red. My friends laugh and say I have the taste of a teenager, but this car would just supplement my others and one is a plain sedan.

A typical day at the beach involves swimming in the surf, playing volleyball, having snacks, and sunbathing for a tan. I also like to walk along the wet shore for at least a mile at the end of the day. The sky starts changing and the color of the water deepens. I take photos for Instagram to share my environment, as beautiful as it is. I often generate a lot of envious posts from friends on Facebook. What I don’t reveal is that I have to tote a lot of gear. There is a reclining beach chair made of wood and canvas that folds up in the car. Add to that a cooler filled with beverages and ice. I keep it small so it doesn’t get too heavy. You need sunglasses, suntan lotion, and a big towel. I left mine on the sand last year so I am in the hunt for a new one. Of course, I go online.

I found a site that sells theme towels of all kinds and lo and behold, they have a category for cars. I scroll through the offerings and stumble upon racing cars in assorted colors on a shite background. This would make a great gift but now it will be for me. I suppose it will attract some attention. And this one I won’t forget when I leave. I envision kids rallying around asking about what kind of cars they are. I make up stories about where they race and what famous driver is steering them. As for me, this may be as close as I get to my dream car. They aren’t exact replicas, but close enough to please me. I will make sure they are face up when I place the towel down on the sand in my favorite spot a few feet from the water.

You need other things at the beach such as a volleyball in case you are starting the game and looking for players. You might want an umbrella if you have had too much sun. A deck of cards is nice for solitaire or to share with other beach goers. Some music in the form of your cell phone or an iPod will do. Entertainment is up to you. You can always speak with other people as you sun and surf through the day. I have made a few friends this way over the years. If we live close to one another, we get together for a beer or to watch a ballgame. Ah! Life is good.