Car Shows and Pimping Rides

When I started doing this, I never thought it would become such a huge part of my life. Sure, I never intended to put so much work and effort into it without turning it into a full-time job, but I also wanted to leave some room for failure, because you never know. Nevertheless, it turned out a success and I’m happier than ever. And really, how many people get to turn their passion into their main source of income, and get to travel and meet so many like-minded people?

I often get invited to car shows, and I make sure I don’t miss out on any, but there are so many in this country, the only way you can attend all of them is if you clone yourself, like, 10 times, and then you won’t miss out on any. Mind you, I often get invited just as a guest, not only when I have to show some of my own work. I also get invited as a speaker or juror, which is very cool. I never thought I’d get to have the opportunity to actually talk publicly about my work, and even give advice to people who want to start doing it, and help them in that way.

At these car shows, some people often come up to me and start asking if I can install some gadgets into their cars. I’m always patient with them, but can’t help but be bewildered at their ignorance. Restoring old cars doesn’t mean I turn them into spaceships. I don’t put TVs in them so you can watch something during a road trip, or put a soda maker (credit: Appliances Reviewed) so you have refreshments – it’s not that kind of a makeover.

I wanna clarify that I’m not against that, but it’s not what I do. Car restoration has its own kind of excitement, even though you don’t get to install some cool additions in your car. Restoring old cars is exciting primarily because of the thought that you get to turn something old and virtually unusable into something beautiful and worth possessing, not to mention one of a kind.

I especially love it when I restore an old classic. This rarely happens, but it’s so worth it – the hours, the sweat, the pain, the sleep deprivation, all of it. Plus, I know I’m doing something green for the environment, so that’s an additional perk.

Have you been to any car restoration shows?