Dream Cars


Imagine what your dream car would be. Maybe you’re into the top end models including Mercedez-Benz, Porsche or Ferrari. That really hasn’t been my bend, but I think they’re amazing vehicles. I go more for the old 1955 Chevy Bel Air, vintage Mustang, Pontiac GTO and an occasional old Chevrolet from the 1920s. These are the most inspiring for me, but hey, we all have our preferences. There’s just something about finding a shell of your dream car in a somewhat dilapidated state and bringing that baby to life in grand style. Rusty old cars are a challenge that present restoration buffs with another opportunity to craft a rags to riches story. Everyone’s notion of a dream car is different and it generally stems from what you thought was really cool as a kid or a teenager.

Some of the most popular models for restoration

Ford Mustangs

The older Mustangs from the 1964-1968 era are among the favorites. We get a few of them in here and most of them have been involved in crashes which makes them perfect for salvaging parts. You can find virtually any part for these cars in a catalog or online because of the numbers of them that were produced. What makes them such great restoration projects is because of the ease in finding all original parts.

Chevrolet Camaro

I recommend Camaros from the 1967 to 69 years because of the mass number of dealers who can get you original parts. One of the coolest aspects of restoring an old Camaro is that there are a ton of aftermarket parts if you’re going for high performance versus original restoration. You can take either road with these cars and still come out on top whether you’re into restoring and flipping or just building a dream car for your own enjoyment.

Dodge Challenger

The 1972-3 models are some of the most popular because of their high restorability even if they’re in poor condition when you find them. There are quite a few companies offering reproduction parts. You can rebuild a pretty amazing car with the resources that are available but a word of caution is in order. If you’re planning to restore one of these for resale, keep it all original or it won’t be worth as much. You may be able to get away with fudging a little on some other cars, but the Challenger only retains value with originality so be a stickler about replacement parts unless it’s something that you just want to have around for your own use.

Chevrolet Bel Air

The Bel Air from 1955 to 1957 ight be the most popular classic car in the United States. These make great restoration project cars because practically any part you’d need can be bought for a total rebuild andthey’re not hard to find. If you’re into re-sale, they go pretty quickly if your prices are within fair market value. There’s a cult following, particularly with people who feel nostalgic about the 1950s era.

While restoration can be an expensive venture, it is also rewarding as you see your dream car take form. It can be compared to an artist creating his ultimate masterpiece on canvas, only you will be able to drive your finished work around the neighborhood.