Great Time at the Car Show

This is where I go for relaxation and inspiration. It’s amazing to see how fellow old car buffs have restored their vintage vehicles and I really enjoy seeing the before during and after pictures that show the restoration process. Not all of them have these to show, but it’s great that a few of them do. We all go to car shows for different reasons. Some are there to show off their latest projects, others are there to make important connections and then you have the browsers who are still toying with the notion of getting into the restoration hobby.

New Ideas

I saw a 1927 Chev Landau that featured an amazing update. While the owner had the option of going with a wood roof box for infrastructure, he chose to fabricate the entire setup with steel tubing and it did add a lot of stability to this old car that would otherwise twist and turn like a Boeing 747. He drilled the wood out of the doorposts and reinforced them with steel. When he acquired it, there was some significant areas with rust through, but the steel fabrication job was fairly impressive. I learned a lot of tricks for reinforcing these old cars that were made of wood and millions of tacks and nails. Original? about half, and it won’t retain the value of an original restoration but the outcomes were still great.

Making New Friends

We were all set up at our respective stations and enjoying a bite to eat from the local vendors. There were a few newbies on the scene and it was great to meet them and get to share information back and forth. Car shows are a good place to get to know people with similar interests and to pass on some of the better resources for locating hard to find parts. Not all shows are this productive, but if you take the time to start conversations, you generally come away with something that you didn’t know before.


Car shows are a great place to either gain a little inspiration or to pass it on to someone else. It’s always a joy to answer questions from younger enthusiasts who are itching to get involved and want to know how to go about it. You can usually tell who is the most serious about jumpiing in with both feet from the ones who think it’s cool but probably too much work just by the kind of questions that they’re asking. There’s a certain gleam in the eye that is a telling sign of a budding enthusiast. We’ve all been there and it’s a pretty good feeling to be able to point someone in the right direction and give them a little encouragement.

We generally have a great time at the car shows and look forward to travelling to new communities to see new examples and meet new people. After you’ve done this for a while, you get a feel for which shows offer the most fun and opportunity. My preference is those that offer the after show get togethers for enthusiasts to talk shop and make a few new connections. Even if you’re just going as a spectator, it’s a lot of fun.