Hope this Works!

I have been busy repairing cars and acquiring parts inventory, so I haven’t attended to the ceiling mold in my bathroom. It is an ugly sight and makes me look unclean as a housekeeper. But, who goes in there anyway. Thus, I put off cleaning it up. I don’t think that will stop it from coming back as there is always a lot of humidity from my frequent hot showers. I am not going to take baths as a solution so I will look up household mold on the Internet.

I told a friend about this problem and he suggested a spray. I bought the stuff and dutifully covered the moldy area. Nothing happened except that it faded a bit. This was not going to work. I needed another option. I decided to stick with the Internet to find a better answer. I started reading about dehumidifiers. I had never heard of them. Of course, most of us know what a humidifier is, but it is the opposite kind of appliance. I ordered a small dehumidifier for the bathroom and waited patiently for its delivery.

It was a cute little contraption the likes of which I had never seen before. The instructions said to clean the area with bleach and to set up the dehumidifier in the room, probably near an outlet against the wall so it is out of the way and you won’t trip over the cord. I did not buy a cordless model as it was more expensive and I didn’t want to continually put in new batteries. I turned on the unit and took my usual shower with plenty of steam. I love showers; they always feel great, but I had to face the consequences in the past. I finished and left the bathroom to let the room air out. I went back that night and immediately looked at the ceiling. No mold. So what did you expect? The dehumidifier had done its job. Wow. That was easy. I will tell everyone. I was proud to have found a solution on my own with a bit of online research.

I was so thrilled that I bought one for my mother for her birthday. She, too, found that it worked and she bought one for my brother, and on and on. It was like a chain letter. Every recipient professed immediate success. Mold was banished from my entire family because of me. I like to be helpful but who know that it would have to do with that black stuff. It was like an “aha” experience. Trust me, this is a real find. Go out and get a dehumidifier and see for yourself. Stop scrubbing your bathroom week after week. It is fruitless labor. A simple appliance will eliminate hours of work and will save on buying spray solutions. You don’t have to run the dehumidifier around the clock, just before and after your shower. You can experiment to find the perfect amount of time.