I was Green Before it was Cool

It might not be obvious to everyone else, but I view my junkyard as more of a rescue mission for reclaiming old cars that would otherwise end up decaying in the elements behind an old farmhouse. Too many of them are allowed to rust out and become useless scrap that ends up in refuse sites. My approach to recycling is pretty transparent. I see the junkyard business as a green approach to commerce.

Impact of junkyards on the environment

While it may be true that not all junkyards are ran as well as they could be, those of us who are sensitive to the needs of the planet keep our yards fairly orderly and we know what we’ve get and where it’s at. If there’s any merit, we keep a car for resale as a restoration project or for gleaning the usable parts.

We’re taking old cars that owners have no use for and categorizing the parts so old car buffs like myself, can find the treasured parts that can help them keep their restoration projects as original as possible. Yep, we’re recyclers and we’re doing our part to help keep the planet green. Every part that we sell is one less that needs to be manufactured in a factory. It’s a way to re-use the existing parts and lessen the amount of resources and energy that are used.

Disposition of waste

After everything is taken that can possibly be valued by another person, the remnants can usually be recycled for use in other products. Metals from the skeletons of parted out cars are used for scrap metal recycling and they are transformed from junk to something that is of value instead of landing in the local dump. This not only helps to keep the planet green, it makes more space in the yard for the next old car that will go through the same recycling process. It just makes sense to use every aspect of a resource in the wisest possible way with the current situation of our environment.

When you consider how many cars termed as “junk” are littering our environment, we’re talking about mega tons of waste. Most junkyard dealers understand the impact that we can have by taking the problem off of the hands of private citizens and using our companies to perpetuate the recycling of these old and seemingly useless cars, trucks and RVs. In essence, we’re cleaning up the streets and countrysides and funneling the unwanted waste through a fairly efficient system that rechannels parts and materials back into society in a very useful manner.

Trash into treasure mentality

Anyone who participates in recycling whether it’s saving aluminum cans and newspapers for recycle bins or operating a junkyard that accepts unwanted vehicles, is really doing a lot to make their neighborhoods and the world in general a better place to live for us and for our children and upcoming generations. When the bottom line is use what you can and transform the rest, we’re on a positive track that I believe makes a tremendous impact. Yes, I was in fact green before it was cool and you know what? It feels great to be a part of something positive!