Is it Cold in Here or is it Just Me?

I am the type of person who loves summer and warm weather. I don’t panic if the weather report says that it is going to be really hot. I have an outdoor garage ceiling fan so no matter. If it is really toasty, I have a floor fan as well that I can move to wherever there is an outlet. So, far however I have not tackled what to do when it gets cold as it often does in late fall through the winter. One January day, the news was out that an extreme cold front was coming. People would be barricading themselves in the house. I would be shutting the garage door for sure, but that would not be enough. I didn’t want to take time off and miss some opportunities, so I thought long and hard.

What do other people do I asked? They buy portable heaters for the home. Not everyone has central heating, especially not in the garage. The good news is that I have several outlets in my work space to accommodate the appliance. I bought a trustworthy patio heater for my garage that came highly recommended. I put it in a central location to heat the room. I could move it to my work bench area if needed. What a welcome relief!

Someone else needed relief. One day a small neighborhood boy knocked on the door and asked to come in. He had gotten locked out of his house and he said he was just freezing. I felt so sorry for him. He didn’t have his mother or father’s cell phone number so that I could call. I let him stay and watch me work. He soon became bored. I gave him an assignment to keep him preoccupied. I let him sort my nails according to size and put them in compartments. He loved the job. He had to stay a couple of hours and he finished by late afternoon. I walked with him to his home and by this time his parents had arrived. This story has a happy ending. I loved the company and made a tiny new friend. That new heater was a godsend. I kept warm for the cold season and had helped a little being. People can die of the cold if they are caught unaware or outdoors for too long. Perhaps I had saved the child from frostbite.

You get immune to the cold after a wild and become used to stiff fingers. It makes it harder to work on small scale jobs. My next purchase to go with the heater was a pair of thin work gloves. I had thought about this for years but had not found the right kind. Most are too heavy to give you flexibility. As always, the Internet brought me luck. You can find most anything for the right price on line. When I need swim fins, a motorcycle helmet, or cowboy boots, I know where to go.