Knight with a Shining Toolbox

I don’t romanticize my life as a rule, but there was one time that I was a knight with a shining toolbox. I actually have a small well-equipped emergency toolbox that I can take with me to make offsite repairs. This time it was for my girlfriend who called in a panic for help when her small hot tub stopped working. She was just about to receive a guest and had promised a few relaxing girl time hours in the tub. “Would I rush over?” she begged. I was not about to turn her down. I had just finished a long, hard job and was taking a breather. I got in the van, put the toolbox in the back, and speedily drove to her house.

She was waiting at the door. I knew where the hot tub was in the yard and made a beeline for it. I pulled out some tools and laid them on the ground. Then I took a look. The heater had detached from the hot tub wall and as a safety measure, it automatically went off. This was going to be an easy fix. I tightened a few loose screws after setting it upright. I turned it on after flipping the restart switch, the kind you see on bathroom appliances. The heater was now working perfectly and the water was warming up. We thought that we might even see the full temperature by the time her friend arrived. And soon enough she, too, was at the door.

Everyone was grateful and thrilled and the ladies changed into swimsuits and jumped into the soothing warm water. I declined an invitation. I did accept to have a glass of wine with them and a few snacks. We talked and shared recent stories but I wanted to leave. This was their time and I was an outsider. After all, I was just the knight/repairman. Once again my handy toolbox had saved the day. I have repaired so many things over the years apart from cars. I have a pretty nice parts inventory so I can handle even unusual requests.

I went home pleased as punch and now that I was rested, I resumed some repair work. I also had time to search the Web for used car parts. I am always buying something and the Internet is a true gold mine. If you want a certain make and model, just type in what you want in the search engine. In a few days, a package will arrive. I sell parts all the time so my stash has to be replenished. People bring me things or sell me things that are valuable. So, business rolls along. How many of us can say that we enjoy what we do? I love meeting other aficionados. We are a small coterie that keeps in constant touch. Let me end with an invitation for you: come on over. You will be surprised with what you find.