My 2nd Amendment Rights

I need to protect my assets. I have worked hard to acquire them over the years. There are indeed some valuable items in my junkyard. I would be seriously unhappy to have a robbery on my property. I suppose everyone feels vulnerable in some way. I have read the reports and theft is not infrequent in my area. One poor soul had his car stolen and several expensive tools in his garage, right under his nose. I don’t want to be a victim so I have taken action and acquired a gun. It is my right.

I bought it after I had purchased a lot of car parts that seem to be a magnet to car thieves. It is sometimes hard to acquire them so there are always people on the hunt and I am known to have the best selection. Customers make a beeline to my shop so why not robbers. Hence the gun. I feel protected and able to handle any unforeseen circumstances. It is a good feeling.

I felt that there was a possibility that a neighborhood child could wander in and spot the gun so I have also purchased a small gun safe that holds my single weapon. I keep the safe under a wood counter that I use as a work bench. It is out of sight and out of harm’s way. You hear of gun accidents with kids all the time and the consequences can be dire. Almost always a shooting, however unintentional, can be fatal.

I found a very sturdy gun safe made of heavy metal that is too heavy to lift. That is important as a thief could make off with it otherwise. It has a keypad for which you need a secret code. As an alternative, you can use your fingerprint. This is the newest modern technology. I feel secure that the gun safe is child proof. I don’t want to test this theory. I won’t be showing the gun or the safe to anyone. One customer did ask me if I had protection and I didn’t answer. He started talking about his gun at home to respond to thieves, but I showed apathy. I didn’t want to reveal my own possession.

Several months later, I was in the yard and heard voices. They could be customers and I was being a bit paranoid. There had been a recent theft in the neighborhood and they never caught the culprit. Mercifully, there were no robbers on my property, but I would have been ready. I don’t want to shoot another human being, but if a thief has a gun, I might have to retaliate to protect myself. I would rather talk him out of any wrong doing if I could. A gun is the ultimate recourse. Retail shop owners all have them in a safe in the back, so I am told. What else do you expect us to do when we are threatened.