Nearly Done!

I love working on cars so when a friend needed some help air painting an old car he owned, I jumped at the chance. The process of restoration is always rewarding. New paint makes such a huge difference in bringing a rusty car back to life. It takes a bit of work once you obtain a good air sprayer, but it is well worth it. To sell an old car for more than parts, this is the best method.

My buddy owned the car for many years and it was just sitting in the backyard, which had become a veritable junkyard like mine. He saw a newly painted car for sale at a pretty good price and thought he could get the same profit. There is a trend going on now with people collecting vintage cars that are already restored. He would be part of the craze. As we worked, we saw dollar signs. After a day of labor, we were nearly done. A few touchups and the car could go up for sale. We needed to take some photos and post them online. We had to decide on the price and I say we because he asked for my opinion. Because I had helped with the repaint, he wanted to give me a percentage of the profits. Of course, I turned him down.

We placed an ad and soon started receiving inquiry calls. It was a rather fast response and we were thrilled. We had worked hard to do a good job and now it was going to pay off. We invited various buyers, those we felt were qualified, to my friend’s home to view the car. Immediately, buyer after buyer were impressed and we started to get offers. Instead of taking the first one, although it was close to asking, we decided to wait. We had enough callers to justify this attitude and in the long run, it paid off. We were able to take the highest offer out of five. I know that the losers were disappointed as they really liked the car. So did we and we almost kept it.

Not surprisingly, I soon got a call to do a repaint job. Someone had spread the word! We got out the air paint sprayer as I invited my friend to get in on the deal. More money in our pockets. More cash we could use to buy parts. What else do you expect! All of the profits could go a long way. Most parts are pretty cheap and if you are in the business, you just need volume to make a go of it. The air paint sprayer is a godsend and I suggest you get one as there are so many uses beyond recoating cars. It is handy around the house and the garage. You might just want to redecorate and freshen up an area.

So, I am off to a new project and then another I hope. Business just keeps rolling on.