Where Cars Go to Die


When old cars die and they’re no longer wanted there are a few different places that they go. Some just sit in an old field behind a barn. If there’s any known value associated with them, they may sit in a storage area like a shop or barn, or they’re taken to a junkyard. The worst scenario is leaving a car that has seen better days to rust and deteriorate out in the open where the elements further destroy any salvagable parts.

Two different scenarios

A car that is no longer in good operating condition may be considered as useless by the owner. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has no value. This is a discretionary assessment and what is junk to one person may be a great treasure to another. I favor the treasure aspect in most cases. Determining the most appropriate place for a car that has “died” depends on a few factors. If the car is in a condition that makes it a good candidate for restoration, I’m on board with that. It belongs in the hands of a dealer that can get the remains into the right hands for restoration.

The junk yard isn’t always the last hurrah for cars that have stopped working. The second scenario is that a vehicle that is not a good candidate for restoration or refurbishing can still be useful for gleaning parts for use in other vehicles. If there are no salvagable parts then the best solution is to have the car scrapped to recycle the materials which remain.

Strategies for finding the best solution for unwanted cars

If you have an old car that is little more than an eyesore on your property, it’s time to take action. Even if you don’t think it has any real value, it’s a good idea to check it out before you act. A quick online search can help you in finding out if the model that you possess has value as a collectible. Even if you see signs of rust or other deterioration, there are restoration buffs who don’t flinch at tackling challenging projects.

If your old eyesore happens to show any potential, you could list it on a site that caters to the type of vehicle that it is to get the information in front of the most interested parties.You could make some cash while conveniently getting it relocated to a new owner. If you find that there isn’t any real value associated with the vehicle, the junkyard is probably the best option. Here, the parts can be salvaged for re-use and the skeletal remains recycled for use in new products. You will have done your part in helping to save the environment.