Woke Up on the Right Side of the Bed (for Once)

What is with this insomnia I am experiencing? Yes, I go over the day’s happenings all the time at night as I try to fall asleep. If something was exciting, the memory of it keeps me awake. If it was bad, I dwell on it and obsess. I need a solution to my sleep problem. I want to feel more relaxed and ready to fall off right away. I am not keen on pills that are addictive. Somehow, I think that the guilty culprit is my old mattress. It is time to make a change. I’ve seen those TV ads, and it has been over eight years for sure. That may be a sales come on, but in my case I actually believe it. My old mattress is lumpy and sags. I wonder what it is going to cost. I can’t go on like this forever. I seem to slide into bed and the mattress caves in strategic places. I have read about the sleep number bed, mattresses that can be made to elevate the head or feet, and the expensive memory foam models. Surely one of these is ideal for me.

I went online and began searching aggressively when I discovered The Sleeping Expert. You could say that by this point, I was in a bit of a hurry. I could go to the nearest mattress store and try one out. The Internet helped me narrow down the brands to five. It would be easier this way to lie down on the right ones in order to select the most comfortable. The store clerk was more than helpful and led me to the best choices. He had the experience to recommend what I needed after describing my restless nights. He had heard it all before. It was like the children’s story about mama and papa bear and the hard and soft beds. It felt a bit silly but I succumbed to the sale’s pitch and went along for the ride. I tested the models the clerk liked best and we settled on a really good mattress. The store would deliver it the next day in a truck and the driver would unload it and carry it inside. They bring a frame if you don’t have one, take out the old mattress and dispense with it, and they put in the new mattress to finish. If you want a plastic or cloth cover, they will put it on at that time. It’s a great deal and you don’t pay for the service. It is included in the price. Then you have a couple of days to decide if you want to return it and buy a different mattress.

I couldn’t wait until bedtime and I was exhausted from lack of sleep. I couldn’t believe it, but I nodded off in a couple of minutes. I was so surprised even though the clerk had promised better sleep. He was right. If you have insomnia, too, get yourself a new mattress. It is the solution most every time.